Coach Junior

Junior leoso

Speed Training
Sports Specific Training
Fit Fathers Program

Born & raised in Hawaii, Junior has lived all over the world. His experience has led him to Pacific Beach Training. The idea was to build a place, where members would feel comfortable, & have access to the best Coaches the city had to offer.    As a former athlete, he takes into consideration the goals, the obstacles, & potential outcomes for everyone he works with. 

 "My passion is to see people happy. & a lot of times, that happiness comes from being healthy. I want to be a part of that." 

-Junior Leoso

Coach Laura

laura pelosi

Group Fitness

Originally from Brazil, Laura's background in group training has become the backbone of her style. She takes a serious approach to weight training, with her teachings rooted in research. Laura believes in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to fitness fads. or trends. Her clients are proof that each individual does benefit from strength training with weights

Coach D.

devin taylor

Athletic Conditioning
Fight Training
Athlete Nutrition

Devin began his own fighting career in the Aloha state of Hawaii. His natural athleticism, combined with insane work ethic, allowed him to progress rapidly. As a competitive fighter himself, Devin knows exactly what it takes to be in top physical condition when it matters most. His clients boast of their new ability to control weight loss, and have fun doing fight style workouts.  

Coach Brianna

brianna murray

Strength Training
Senior Fitness

Brianna is the perfect example of how fitness becomes a lifestyle. She started her own journey to live a healthier life. Briannas love for the gym, healthy food, & activity... led her to become a fitness professional. She has competed in bikini/physique competitions, & knows what those demands are on the body. There's never an excuse to miss workouts with Brianna. She's the proof.