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Fitness Evolution and Sweet & Shred

Both Fitness Evolution and Sweat & Shred are progressive strength training classes that focus on a wide range of strength training modalities and techniques. Blending both conventional and unconventional training, these classes enable each member to build muscle, develop strength and skill all year long.

Functional Strength

Functional Strength is centered around making athletes/people better movers. A perfect blend of olympic style weightlifting and functional training, Functional Strength is perfect for anyone looking to build explosive power/strength, burn fat and become an overall better athlete.

Boxing & Barbells

Lift weights. Punch things. SWEAT! Boxing & Barbells will have you feeling both strong and shredded in no time.

Super Session

Super Session is a melting pot of the many different styles of training we have here at PBT. With a mix of strength & bodyweight training, boxing, HIIT, and unconventional training, each super session class will challenge your mind and body in a wide variety of ways.

Mace Movement

For those looking to switch up their training routine and dip into the world of “unconventional training”, Mace Movement offers a unique blend of strength training and movement “flow” designed to build strength and increase muscular endurance and coordination.


PBT HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) combines bodyweight and plyometric movements designed to get your heart rate up and turn your body into a fat burning furnace. Consisting of short periods of work followed by short periods of rest, HIIT is perfect for anyone looking to burn fat and build muscular strength and endurance.


Every Class Starts with abs so you never miss it on Monday! CoreFit is a circuit based full body workout that includes a bit of fun team conditioning at the end.


Incorporating a mix of strength work at the joint level, breathwork, stretches and mobility challenges, MobileMe is perfect for anyone looking to get more out of their body and become a better functioning, better moving human.

FREE Beach Workout

Every Sunday at the end of Thomas Ave in Pacific Beach, we offer a dynamic, high intensity workout featuring a mix of plyometric/bodyweight training, athletic conditioning, strength training and more. This workout is FREE to everyone and is our way of giving back to the Pacific Beach community. Start your Sunday right and come train with us at the beach!

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